Intelligence Information Integration Co., Ltd. is a full service consulting firm that specializes in creating business intelligence for its partners. We offer a full spectrum of services ranging from data warehousing to training and strategic consulting. The following represents professional services provided by I3

Data Warehousing

A data warehouse consolidates data from numerous sources and structures the information for efficient query and analysis.  Key elements of a data warehouse project, with which I3 has extensive expertise, include Data Management and Data Acquisition.

Data Management encompasses the logical and physical data modeling of the business and the reporting database.  I3 will define and consolidate key dimensions such as Global Customers, Global Organizational Structure, and Global Products. These dimensions can also include rollup hierarchies such as Customer Categories and Product Lines.

Data Acquisition focuses on the extraction of required data from the source systems, and the load of this data into the data warehouse tables.  This includes all required data cleansing, transformation and validation.

Data Delivery

Delivery of business information to a company’s end-user community can be accomplished through the implementation of data delivery or Business Intelligence tools either directly against OLTP systems, or against a data warehouse.  I3 is able to assist our clients with the implementation of data delivery tools, including the configuration of the metadata layer, and the development of standard queries and reports.


In addition to data warehousing and data delivery services, I3 conducts custom training specific to client sites requirements. Courses offered provide hands-on training materials to help develop your in-house talent and reap the full business value of your information.