About us


Intelligence Information Integration Co., Ltd. (henceforth refereed to as I3) was founded in 2003 by individuals who recognized a demand in the marketplace for value-added business information systems consulting services with an emphasis on the business information needs at all levels of an organization. By understanding the business issues and information requirements of project deliverables, I3 is able to quickly demonstrate the value of personal and responsive service by experienced business and technical professionals.

I3, Intelligence Information Integration Co., Ltd., is a consulting firm which provides customers with business intelligence consulting and training services. The solutions we provide help our clients quickly and easily gather, organize, and distribute the information they need to transform transactional data into strategic business decisions. I3 leverages its skills to help clients define their business requirements and enhance their business processes. Our extensive business and technical expertise allows us to design and implement solutions using leading-edge business intelligence technologies.

I3 delivers data warehousing and business intelligence solutions that increase the value of its clients’ enterprises. These solutions provide easy access to essential information and allow for comprehensive reporting that is complete, accurate, timely and aligned with business metrics, goals and objectives. I3 helps turn corporate data into useful business information, which can be accessed and shared by business decision makers without regard to technical expertise or experience.